In order to produce more efficient filters, Avignon ceramic is printing these specific parts with Zetamix Alumina filaments.

Zetamix filaments are the first making it possible to get ceramic parts with a 99% density by using almost any FDM 3D printer.

Indeed, filters cannot be produced by regular industrial shaping processes such as moulding or injection because hollow out parts are impossible to obtain with these processes.

Perfect-fit tools  to improve product quality & to facilitate production processes. 

Dispersion turbines are used daily in a wide range of industries and research labs to blend solid/liquid dispersion in semi-viscous phase. In Nanoe’s lab and production sites, the quality of products depends directly on the accuracy of blending. Thus, almost all production processes include stirring or blending of ceramic slurries, and often with stainless steel blades. However, using metallic blades brings a number of issues that must be considered; such as pollution of slurries by metallic traces , fast oxidation of blades and standardisation of designs, incompatible with the specific needs of Nanoe.

Bring Creative Ideas to life

Tailor Made crucible : 3D printing in the service of quality test

Almath Crucibles Limited utilise Zetamix 3D printing to build  parts which were technically impossible to produce in alumina using traditional methods.

Production: complex geometry built with tooling

Bespoke Filters : easy made solution for critical foundry part

Because the pellets have been broken and were not numbered anymore, Nicolas Parisse, Quality technician, uses a tailor-made crucible that fulfil his needs.

Crucibles matching his specifications don’t exist on the market, so Nicolas naturally switched to Zetamix 3D printing to print his ideal ceramic part. The technology provides ceramic parts benefiting the same properties as parts made by moulding or injection, while making it possible for an unlimited number of design.

“What we needed was a part that simply didn’t exist, thanks to Zetamix we obtained it within a week.”