Bring Creative Ideas to life

A wide range of ceramic and metal filaments

FDM filaments are composed of polymer binders with a high content of ceramic or metal particles making it possible to 3D print these otherwise difficult to form materials. Currently there a three ceramic filaments: White Zirconia, Black Zirconia and Alumina. There is also a stainless steel filament (316L)

With further materials in development;  silicon carbide, silicon nitride, tungsten/cobalt carbide and titanium filaments.

Making Material and Technology accessible to all

Zetamix technology make printing in Ceramic accessible to all and is aimed at industries and research laboratories, as well as artists and designers. The system consists of a 3D printer, a de-binding kit and an oven for sintering.

If you would like to know more about this technology or would like a design guideline please get in touch using the link below.

Zetamix manufacturing utilises an  FDM technology for printing, with a further two stage process to engineer complex geometries without the need for tooling and molds. The three stages of the process have been designed to be easy and fast to grasp, which in turn induces low investment costs.

With material density of over 99%, the finished product enjoys the same properties as counterparts made with traditional methods.